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ALF Training Requirements

Administrator, managers and staff of assisted living facilities are required to obtain specific training and education requirements pursuant to Chapter 429.52, Florida Statutes and Chapter 58A-5.0191, Florida Administrative Code. ALF Training requirements are dependent on the individual's responsibilities within the facility.

The following training requirements are taken from the ALF statute and administrative code and are specific to administrators, managers, ECC supervisors, and ALF staff:

Chapter 429.52, F.S. - ALF Statutory Training Requirement

Chapter 58A-5.0191, F.A.C. - ALF Rule Training Requirement

ALF Administrator and Manager Training Requirements

ALF Core Training Competency Test

Staff In-service Training

HIV/AIDS Training

First Aid and CPR

Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication Training

Nutrition and Food Service

Extended Congregate Care Training

Limited Mental Health Training

Do Not Resuscitate Orders Training

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders


Except as otherwise noted, certificates, or copies of certificates, , issued by a training provider for completion of any training required in Rule 58A-5.0191,F.A.C., must be documented in the facility’s personnel files for a period of 3 years. The documentation must include the following:

  1. The title of the training program;
  2. The subject matter of the training program;
  3. The training program agenda;
  4. The number of hours of the training program;
  5. The trainee’s name, dates of participation, and location of the training program;
  6. The training provider’s name, dated signature and credentials, and professional license number, if applicable.

Upon successful completion of training pursuant to this rule, the training provider must issue a certificate to the trainee as specified in Rule 58A5.191, F.A.C. Administrators, managers, and staff must ensure that copies of the continuing education training certificates are provided to the facility for retention in the facility's personnel files


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