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Limited Mental Health Training Requirement

Pursuant to Section 429.075, F.S., administrators, managers, and staff in direct contact with mental health residents in a facility with a Limited Mental Health license must receive a minimum of six hours of specialized training in working with individuals with mental health diagnoses. The training must be provided or approved by the Department of Children and Family ls and taken within six months of the facility's receiving a limited mental health license or within six months of employment in a limited mental health facility. Staff in "direct contact" means direct care staff and staff whose duties take them into resident living areas and require them to interact with mental health residents on a daily basis. The term does not include maintenance, food service, or administrative staff if such staff have only incidental contact with mental health residents.

Administrators, managers, and staff in direct contact must receive a minimum of three hours of continuing education, which may be provided by the ALF administrator or through distance learning, biennially thereafter in subjects dealing with one or more of the following topics:

  • Mental health diagnoses; and
  • Mental health treatment such as mental health needs, services, behaviors and appropriate interventions; resident progress in achieving treatment goals; how to recognize changes in the resident's status or condition that may affect other services received or may require intervention; and crisis services and Baker Act procedures.

Administrators, managers, and staff who have received the initial six hours of training do not have to repeat the training should they change employers provided the employee provides a copy of the training certificate to the employee's new employer for retention in the facility's personnel files. They must also ensure that copies of the continuing education training certificates are retained in their personnel files.

Note: The initial LMH training received under this subsection may count once for six of the twelve hours of continuing education required for administrators and managers. The continuing education requirement will satisfy three of the twelve hours of the required continuing education thereafter.

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