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When Someone Goes Missing


If your loved one has gone missing, please call 911 immediately.


Below, are the steps that are taken to enact a Silver Alert in Florida:


1.  Realizes that their loved one has left in a car or has gone missing on foot and has not returned home when expected

2.  Caregiver calls 911 to report their loved one missing

Law enforcement officer:

1.     Files missing persons report

2.     Determines through questions to the caregiver if there are indicators of Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder

3.     Obtains photograph of missing person when possible

4.     Obtains description of car that the missing person is driving: make, model, year, color, tag number, tag state

5.     Verifies tag

6.     Determines last known location of the missing person

7.     Determines if the disappearance is a threat to the person’s welfare and safety

8.     Dispatch enters information into Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC)/ National Crime Information Center (NCIC), including the photograph of the missing person, if available

9.     Reporting law enforcement agency notifies law enforcement officers statewide through a statewide "Be On The Lookout" or BOLO

10.   Reporting law enforcement agency notifies media via Media Alert or other preferred method

11.   Reporting law enforcement agency contacts the Missing and Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse (MEPIC) at Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

12.   MEPIC confirms that the case meets the criteria for Silver Alert

13.   FDLE notifies:

a.     Florida Highway Patrol to notify officers statewide

b.     Florida Department of Transportation to activate dynamic message signs on highways

c.     Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) to notify the public through the established listing service

14.   Memory Disorder Center in the region of the Silver Alert is notified through the DOEA listserv and contacts the reporting law enforcement agency to obtain caregiver contact information

15.   Memory Disorder Center contacts caregiver to offer support and to inform them of services available when their loved one is rescued

16.   Caregiver notifies law enforcement if missing person returns home

17.   Upon return of the missing person, reporting law enforcement agency notifies local media outlets, law enforcement agencies and MEPIC.  FDLE requests that law enforcement agencies report to FDLE the recovery of missing person.

18.   Memory Disorder Center follows up with family to provide education and support services