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Alternative Transportation


Developing a transportation plan for after a loved one has stopped driving can seem overwhelming. The good news is that non-drivers have many options. You can plan your grocery shopping and other shopping needs to join family or friends when they do their errands. When you are at your current activities, ask if anyone in the group can give you a ride. Offering gas money can help offset the cost of extra driving, and the company and conversation can benefit both of you. Depending on the distance to your destination and physical limitations, walking can be a great choice. In areas where it is available, public transportation is convenient and affordable for seniors.

An increasing number of communities have paratransit transportation and some larger hospitals offer shuttles to get patients to medical appointments. Places of worship, such as churches and synagogues, often have volunteers to help other members remain active. If you have a short trip, taxicabs may be another form of transportation available to you. Some businesses also have the option of having supplies delivered directly to your home.

For local Florida resources and links, please visit Safe and Mobile Seniors.