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What is Florida's Silver Alert?


*To report a missing person, or if you have information pertaining to an active Silver Alert, please call your local law enforcement.


senior ladySilver Alert refers specifically to cognitively impaired individuals who become lost while driving a car or lost while on foot. The Silver Alert Program helps to reduce the risk of tragedy among one of Florida’s largest and most vulnerable groups: individuals with some type of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Silver Alert is a plan to aid local law enforcement in the rescue of these missing persons who are driving a car or on foot by broadcasting pertinent information to the public through the use of dynamic message signs on Florida highways. These signs display the make, model, color, year, tag number and tag state of the car the person was last seen driving.


The Silver Alert Information Line is a toll-free number initiated in May of 2010 as part of a Department of Elder Affairs Silver Alert grant program. The purpose of the information line is to provide a resource for citizens to learn more about the Silver Alert Program in Florida. From May of 2010 through June of 2011, the line was answered by Alzheimer’s Community Care in West Palm Beach. Alzheimer’s Community Care was one of the original Silver Alert Support Committee members and was knowledgeable about the program in its early stages.


The Silver Alert Information Line is designed to provide general information to callers about Silver Alert. It is not an emergency line to report a missing person or activate Silver Alerts. It is not a line to report seeing a missing person. All callers reporting a missing person or finding a missing person are directed to call 911. The Silver Alert Information Line is not a counseling line for callers to receive advice about how to handle a situation involving dementia. Community contact information for services may be provided. People answering the information line provide general information about the Silver Alert program as well as contact and referral information enabling the caller to access further information and resources, as appropriate.