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Silver Alert Program

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What is Silver Alert?

Governor Rick Scott signed the Silver Alert Program Plan into law on June 24, 2011. Silver Alert is a plan to help law enforcement officers rescue persons with Alzheimer’s disease, or a related disorder, who are driving a car and become lost. The public is informed about the missing person through dynamic message signs on the highway. These lighted message signs display the words “Silver Alert” along with the make, color and license tag number of the car being driven by the missing person.

What YOU can do

Watch for Silver Alert notifications on the highway. If you see the car identified on the sign, call law enforcement immediately and give the location. They will safely intercept the person and return him or her home. You can become part of this initiative by subscribing to receive Silver Alert notifications, which will be sent out automatically whenever a Silver Alert is issued.
To subscribe to the Silver Alert notification system go to

Prevention is Best.

When someone has Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder, their safety is at risk. The disease damages one’s ability to make sound judgments and to react quickly, the cornerstones of safe driving.