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Notices of Instruction 2010

December 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 122810-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

State of Florida Interagency Agreement

New OAA Title IIIE Assessment Type and CIRTS Reporting Requirements (Notice#: 122310-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

CIRTS Changes for OA3E

OA3E, OA3EG, and OA3ES Services

New Services for the Department of Elder Affairs Programs and Services Handbook (Chapter 4) (Notice#: 121510-1-I-CFAL) Memorandum

Appendix A - All Programs

November 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Tracking Medicaid Waiver Eligibility in CIRTS (Notice#: 113010-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

MW Timeline and Definitions

NAPIS Reporting FFY 2010 (Notice#: 111210-1-I-PE) Memorandum

NAPIS State Program Report Definitions


Notice of Correction: CIRTS Data Entry for the Evidence-Based Programs (Notice#: 110310-1-I-CFAL) Memorandum

October 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Background Screening (Notice#: 102610-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum


Notice of Transmittal: Case Record and Case Narrative Training (Notice#: 101410-1-T-SWCBS) Memorandum

Case Record and Case Narrative

Case Narrative Presentation

Use of Restaurants as Congregate Meal Sites (Notice#: 100810-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Policy for Restaurant Usage of C-1 Funds to Provide Meals

Revised SPR Format and Definitions for FFY 2011 (Notice#: 100510-1-I-PE) Memorandum

Revised SPR Format Definitions

SPR Format Definitions

Revisions to 2010 Program and Services Handbook (Notice#: 100410-2-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Program and Services Handbook Major Changes

Ch. 2 Intake, Prioritization and Case management

Ch. 4 Title III and Title VII of OAA

Appendix A Service Descriptions and Standards

Notice of Clarification: 2010-2011 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 100410-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

EHEAP Application

EHEAP Application Instructions

EHEAP Technical Assistance

September 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 092810-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Aging Out Interagency

Farmers' Market Consumer Survey (Notice#: 092710-1-I-PE) Memorandum

2010 Farmers' Market Consumer

2010 Consumer Notification Letter

Notice of Clarification: FFY 2011 Area Plan Update Requirements (Notice#: 092310-1-I-PE) Memorandum

Targeting Report Data (Corrected)

2010-2011 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 091710-1-I-SWCBS)

Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Application

EHEAP Application Instructions

Major Revisions on EHEAP Technical Assistance Application and Instructions

EHEAP Technical Assistance

FFY 2011 Area Plan Update Requirements (Notice#: 090710-1-I-PE) Memorandum

List of Changes for the 2011 Area Plan Updates

2011 Program Module Instructions

Contract Module Part 1

Contract Module Part 2

Targeting Report Data (Original)

August 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Uniform Client Assessment Training (Notice#: 081710-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum


Notice of Clarification: Background Screening (Notice#: 081310-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Direct Service Provider Rejected Fingerprint Re-Appointment Form

Affidavit of Good Moral Character

Background Screening Appointment Form for Direct Service Providers

Direct Service Provider Attestation Form

DOEA Polices and Procedures for Background Screening of Direct Service Providers

Notice of Emergency Rule

July 2010 - NoticesAttachments

2010 OAA Allocation and Population Data (Notice#: 071610-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

2010 Factors For OAA Intrastate Formula
June 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 062210-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

State of Florida Interagency Agreement

FFY 2010 Older Americans Act Transfer of Funds Between Titles (Notice#: 061010-1-I-OCFM) Memorandum


Background Screening (Notice#: 060910-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

May 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Notice#: 041710-1-I-IE: OAA Title IIIB Legal Services Delivery Standards (Notice#: 051710-1-I-IE) Memorandum

April 2010 - NoticesAttachments

OAA Title IIIB Legal Services Delivery Standards (Notice#: 042710-1-I-IE)


SHINE Program Evaluation Scheduled (Notice#: 042610-1-I-SHINE) Memorandum

2010 SHINE Resigned Counselor Survey

2010 Resigned Counselor Letter

2010 Client Satisfaction Survey

2010 Client Letter

2010 Active Counselor Survey

2010 Active Counselor Letter

Client Satisfaction Survey Scheduled (Notice#: 040910-1-I-PE) Memorandum

DOEA Consumer Satisfaction - Notification - English Letterhead 1.2

Client Satisfaction Survey 3.1

March 2010 - NoticesAttachments

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 032610-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Aging Out Interagency Agreement

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services (Notice#: 032410-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum


Notice of Transmittal: Florida Elder Needs Index and Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Targeting Maps (Notice#: 030910-1-T-PE) Memorandum


Clarification to NOI#: 100506-1-I-OVCS, Nutrition Program Requirements (Notice#: 030810-1-I-SWCBS) Memorandum

Nutrition Program Compliance Review Form

February 2010 - NoticesAttachments

2009 Farmers' Market Survey (Notice#: 022610-1-I-PE) Memorandum

2009 Farmers' Market Consumer Survey

Farmers' Market Coupons - Consumer Letter 09

January 2010 - NoticesAttachments

2010 Golden Choices Volunteer Awards (Notice#: 012010-1-I-CFAL) Memorandum

Golden Choices Awards 2010 Sponsorship Form

Notice of Clarification (Notice#: 011510-1-I-CFAL): Matter of Balance Training (For those who attended the FCOA pre-conference training) Memorandum


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