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Notices of Instruction 2005

Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

December 2005 - Notices


Helpworks requires Virtual Private Network Access (Notice#: 120505-1-I-PE)


Older Americans Act Report Instructions (Notice#: 120805-1-I-PE)

Instructions SPR-Modified Form

HelpWorks Policies and Procedures (Notice#: 122905-1-I-OVCS)

HelpWorks Policy

HelpWorks Security Plan

Data Collection Form

2005-2006 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 123005-1-I-OVCS)

2005-06 EHEAP APP

November 2005 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Termination of MEDS-AD Program (Notice#: 111805-1-T-SWCBS)


October 2005 - Notices


2006 Area Plan Update Requirements (Notice#: 100505-1-I-PE)

2006 Approved Objectives and Performance Measures

2006 C.I.A-C.I.G. & C.II.B

2006 C.II.A

2006 Contract Forms

2006 Contract Instructions

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 100605-1-I-SWCBS)


CARES LOC Redeterminations (Notice#: 101305-1-I-SWCBS)

LOC Redetermination Form

Disaster Contracts Service Needs (Notice#: 102505-1-I-OCFM)

AOA Disaster Contract Service Needs Attachment

Development of a statewide senior legal helpline (Notice#: 102505-2-I-LA)


Planning and Outcome Measures Retreat (Notice#: 102705-1-I-PE)

Draft Planning Retreat Agenda

September 2005 - Notices


ADA/ALE Waiver Enrollment Management (Notice#: 090205-1-I-SWCBS)


New Transition 0506 Initiative (Notice#: 090605-1-I-SWCBS)


Call for Volunteers for Emergency Relief (Notice#: 090905-1-I-OCFM)

Mississippi Call

CARES LOC Redeterminations (Notice#: 091405-1-I-SWCBS)

LOC Redetermination Form

Notice of Transmittal: Medicare Part D Outreach (Notice#:091905-1-T-LA)


Care Plan Review Protocol (Notice#: 091905-1-I-SWCBS)


Model APS Memorandum of Understanding (Notice#: 092205-1-I-SWCBS)



EHEAP - FY 2005-2006 Funding Increase & Release (Notice#: 092605-1-I-OVCS)


EHEAP Contract Sum

ADA Waiver Home-Delivered Meals Survey (Notice#: 092905-1-I-SWCBS)

ADA Home Delivered Meals Survey

New CIRTS Enrollment Codes (Notice#: 092905-2-I-SWCBS)


August 2005 - Notices


ADA/ALE Budget Management (Notice#: 081005-1-I-SWCBS)

ADA Budget Management V1_2

ALE Budget Management V1_2

Notice of Transmittal: 2005-2006 Medicaid Waiver Reports and APPL Report (Notice#:081105-1-T-SWCBS)


Notice of Transmittal: Nursing Home Diversion Waiver Web Page (Notice#: 082205-1-T-SWCBS)


July 2005 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Food Safety and Sanitation Training (Notice#: 072005-1-T-OVCS)

2006 ServSafe Registration Form

Recommended Hotels for Tallahassee

ServSafe Essentials Training Schedule

Notice of Transmittal: Statewide Senior Legal Helpline Proposal (Notice#: 072105-1-T-LA)

Senior Hotline - Proposal

Sample Support Letter

Application for Federal Assistance (Notice#: 072505-1-I-OVCS)

Application for Federal Assistance

2005 Slot Allocation

CARES Program Point of Contacts, July 2005 (Notice#: 072605-1-I-SWCBS)

CARES Point of Contacts

June 2005 - Notices


Medicaid Waiver Budget Management (Notice#: 060805-1-I-PE)

ADA Budget Management V1_1

ALE Budget Management V1_1

Revised Co-Pay Forms and Instructions (Notice#: 060605-1-I-OVCS)

2005 SSI-Related Programs - Financial Eligibility Standards (pdf)

2005 Co-Pay Schedule (xls)

Co-Pay Worksheet (doc)

Co-Pay Worksheet Instructions (doc)

Florida Administrative Weekly Announcements (Notice#: 061305-1-I-OS)


SHINE CMS Grant (Notice#: 061705-1-I-LA)


APPL CIRTS Program Status Code (Notice#: 061705-1-I-SCBS)


FFY 2005 Older Americans Act Transfer of Funds Between Titles (Notice#: 062005-1-I-OCFM)


CIRTS Enrollment Data (Notice#: 062305-1-I-SWCBS)


Notice of Transmittal: Medicaid Waiver Caseload Reports (Notice#: 062905-1-T-SWCBS)


Aging Out Clientele, June 2005 (Notice#: 070505-1-I-SWCBS)


May 2005 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Resubmission of ARC Transition Plans (Notice#: 050205-1-T-PE)


Training Day (Notice#: 050905-1-I-OS)


Medicaid Fair Hearing (Notice#: 052405-1-I-SWCBS)

Medicaid Fair Hearing

Notice of Transmittal: 2005-2006 EHEAP Information (Notice#: 052305-1-T-OVCS)

EHEAP Technical Assistance
2005-06 EHEAP APP

April 2005 - Notices


Medicaid Claims Accuracy Audit (Notice#: 042005-1-I-SWCBS)

HelpWorks Project (Notice#: 042605-1-I-OVCS)

Helpwork Scope

Statewide Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria (Notice#: 042605-2-I-OVCS)

Integrated Statewide Database

Fiscal Year End Processing (Notice#: 042905-1-I-OCFM)


March 2005 - Notices


ADA Medicaid Waiver Monitoring (Notice#: 031105-1-I-SWCBS)

February 2005 - Notices


2005 Older Americans Month Calendar of Events (Notice#: 020205-1-I-COMM)

2005 OAM Calendar of Events Form

Notice of Transmittal: Selection of ADRC Pilot Sites (Notice#: 020805-1-T-PE)


Notice of Transmittal: SfS Contract Amendment (Notice#: 020905-1-T-LA)


I & R System Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (Notice#: 021105-1-I-OVCS)

DRAFT Inclusion Exclusion Criteria

OAA Title IIIE Reporting FFY 2005 (Notice#: 021105-2-I-PE)

Caregiver Data FFY 2005

2005 Golden Choices Volunteer Awards (Notice#: 021605-1-I-OVCS)

Program Sponsorship Form

Intergenerational Volunteer Sponsorship Form

2005 Ambassadors for Aginf Flyer

Notice of Transmittal: Hurricane Housing Work Group Final Report (Notice#: 022305-1-T-PE)

HHWG Report Final

January 2005 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Additional Flu Vaccine in January 2005 (Notice#: 010305-1-T-OC)

SHINE Supplemental Long-Term Care Grant (Notice#: 010305-2-I-LA)

Summary of Grant 04-05

Supplemental Grant Distribution

APS Referral Tracking Tool (Notice#: 011405-1-I-SWCBS)


Notice of Transmittal: ADRC Responsibilities (Notice#: 012705-1-T-PE)


2005 Approved OAA Allocation and 60+ Population (Notice#: 013105-1-I-OVCS)

OAA 2005

Population for 2005 OAA

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