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Assessing the Needs of Elder Floridians

In 2010, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs conducted a statewide survey to measure elder Floridians’ needs. Questions were asked about elders’ living situation, self-care limitations, nutrition, housing, health care, and other matters especially affecting the geriatric population. Results were compiled for analysis at the state as well as Planning and Service Area (PSA) levels. Special state-level tabulations for “hard-to-measure” populations of minority, low-income, and rural elders were also included.

The survey instrument was comprised of 82 questions divided among the following 16 categories:

Demographic Profile

Living Situation

Self Care Limitations


Health and Health Promotion

Information and Assistance


Senior Centers






Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Legal Assistance

Disaster Preparedness

"Assessing the Needs of Elder Floridians" was originally published in January 2012. It was later expanded in May 2013 to include additional analyses and elaborate on specific topics of interest, including cross tabulations of gender, ADL limitations, age, and internet usage. A section at the end of the report lists cross tabulations that did not produce expected differentiations. While the entirety of the text of the full report is included, a few figures were removed to incorporate new information.

For survey results at the state level:   2013 Statewide Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

For survey results at the Planning and Service Area (PSA) Level, click on a link below:

PSA 1 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 2 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 3 Needs Assessment Results (PDF)

PSA 4 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 5 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 6 Needs Assessment Results (PDF)

PSA 7 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 8 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 9 Needs Assessment Results (PDF)

PSA 10 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

PSA 11 Needs Assessment Report (PDF)

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