Steven Grantham
Chief Information Officer

(850) 414-2023

Bureau of Information Systems

The Bureau of Information Systems provides valuable technical support to both the Department’s employees and private non-profit partners statewide, specifically the Area Agencies on Aging information technology units. Dedicated to maintaining the appropriate level of information security, the unit works in partnership with the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology to assure compliance with current security industry standards and to provide the appropriate level of information security in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, Public Law 104-191. The unit is divided into three functional groups as follows:

Applications Support Group

This group is responsible for maintaining all applications developed for the Department. It administers the Department’s Client Information & Registration Tracking System (CIRTS), which is used by the aging network to manage client assessment data, register clients for services, plan client services and maintain program waiting lists. CIRTS is also used by CARES caseworkers to evaluate client eligibility for Medicaid services and to develop recommendations for client placement. In addition to providing technical assistance for supported applications, this group also actively works to develop web-based applications and websites.

Enterprise Support

This group is responsible for providing technology support to all Department employees throughout the state, as well as the Area Agencies on Aging. The group maintains, supports, troubleshoots and implements various software and hardware technologies for the Department, including but not limited to computers, software and other wireless technologies.

Technical Support

This group is responsible for all system software and technical infrastructure, including servers, networks, operating system software, email, databases and database administration for applications. This group troubleshoots malfunctioning equipment and software, and is also responsible for information security and HIPAA compliance for information systems and interchange.
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