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Mission: To help Florida’s elders remain healthy, safe and independent.

Top Evidence-based Programs

Tai Chi:  Moving for Better Balance - This program is a simplified 8-form version of Tai Chi has been proven to decrease the number of falls and risk of falling in older adults.  Other benefits associated with this program include social and mental well-being, balance and daily physical functioning, self-confidence in performing daily activities, personal independence, and quality of life and overall health.

Tai Chi

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs - These programs include the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (also known as Living Healthy), Diabetes Self-Management Program and their respective Spanish version programs.  The courses are led by trained lay leaders, assists with managing individuals’ chronic conditions during the six weekly sessions.  Each session lasts 2.5 hours.

Chronic Disease Self-Management

A Matter of Balance - This course is led by trained coaches.  It teaches practical coping strategies and, reduces the fear of falling.  The course includes over 8 sessions lasting 2 hours, each.


For more information about these evidence-based interventions or others that are being conducted in your area, please contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center.

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