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Health & Wellness

Mission: To help Florida’s elders remain healthy, safe and independent.

How to get Involved

Below are many ways individuals or organizations may become involved with evidenced-based interventions:

Be a participant in an evidence-based program

Join other participants and learn how to be a better chronic disease self-manager.

Evidence Based Programs

Encourage, Recruit, Refer

Encourage, recruit, and refer individuals

Assist license holders with recruiting participants to workshops in your local area.

Become a Lay Leader or Master Trainer

Be able to facilitate the workshops by being a trainer.

Training and Leading

Meeting Spaces

Be a host site organization

Donate space to hold the workshops.  Sponsor a  workshop through donating food for sessions or assisting with funding materials for workshop.

Get informed and spread the word

Spread the word about evidence-based programs and encourage other organizations to learn more about them.

Get Informed

To get involved, please contact your local Area Agency on Aging Office.

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