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Annual Reports & Evaluations of
DOEA-Administered Programs 2000-2004







Adult Protective Services

Program Review: High-Risk Elders Victims of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation Quickly Served; Data Problems Remain, OPPAGA 01-04


AAA/Aging Resource Centers/Aging and Disability Resource Centers


Aged and Disabled Adult Medicaid Waiver

Alzheimer's Disease Initiative

Alzheimer's Disease Initiative Caregiver Survey and Cost Benefit Summary 2003


Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver

Affordable Assisted Living Facilities: Government Sponsored Benefits for Reimbursing Assisted Living Services, Room and Board 2003 USF  


Caregivers Survey 2002


CARES Annual Report 2002

CARES Annual Report 2003

CARES Annual Report 2004

CDC and CDC+

Community Care for the Elderly

Extended Congregate Care Facilities

Extended Congregate Care Report 2003


Farmer's Market Nutrition Program

Elder Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Evaluation 2003


Information and Assistance

Elder Helpline User Satisfaction Survey 2001

Medicaid HCBS

NAPIS Reports

NH Diversion Waiver

Final Report: Preliminary Evaluation of Medicaid Waiver Programs 2001 USF

NHD Capitation Rate Development Jul 2003-Jun 2004 Milliman, 9-2003


NH Transition


Florida's Assisted Living Facility-Nursing Home Transition Program 2003 Pepper Institute


Senior Community Service Employment Program


Services to Elders Program

Justification Review: Services to Elders Program, Department of Elder Affairs, OPPAGA 01-66

Services to Elders Program Has Improved Accountability and Oversight, OPPAGA 03-69



Senior Medicare & Medicaid Patrol Project (SMMPP) 2003-2004

Statewide Public Guardianship Office

Sunshine for Seniors


Who Is Being Served? Program Eligibility and Home and Community-Based Services Use, 2004 USF

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