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Communities for a Lifetime

The Communities for a Lifetime initiative administers programs that help communities create environments that embrace the life experience and valuable contributions of older adults and feature improvements to benefit all residents, youthful and elder alike. (Click here for the link to the Department's 2013 Report on CFAL initiatives.)These programs help ensure the continued healthy aging of all citizens: 


The elder housing unit focuses on independent housing and assisted living planning and policy development. The unit provides technical assistance and disseminates senior housing and supportive services information to local governments, community organizations, providers, state agencies and the general public, working to address senior housing and supportive services needs. One goal of the unit is to ensure that elder interests are represented on relevant committees and workgroups that address housing and assisted living issues. Read more about this program.

Health, Wellness and Injury Prevention

Health and Wellness Program - Provides services through Older Americans Title III D funding from the Administration on Community Living to the local Aging and Disability Resource Centers. The services being delivered have been researched and studied. These are evidence-based interventions which have been proven to be effective in making heaslthier lifestyle choices. There are many types of evidence-based interventions. These include chronic disease self-management programs, falls prevention programs, fitness programs, nutrition programs, strength and balance programs, mental health programs, and many others.

Transportation and Mobility

This unit works with communities to develop a range of options designed to allow seniors to remain mobile and independently able to access needed services and activities. Read more about this program.

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