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Alzheimer's Disease Advisory Committee

Historical Information

The Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee is a 10-member panel that advises the Department of Elder Affairs regarding legislative, programmatic and administrative matters that are related to Alzheimer’s disease victims and their caretakers. Committee members must be Florida residents and reflect the following representation:

    • At least four of the 10 members must be licensed pursuant to Chapter 458 or 459 of Florida Statutes or hold a Ph.D. degree and be currently involved in research of Alzheimer’s disease;

    • The 10 members must include a least four persons who have been caregivers of victims of Alzheimer’s disease;

    • Whenever possible, there should be one individual from each of the following professions: a gerontologist, a geriatric psychiatrist, a geriatrician, a neurologist, a social worker and a registered nurse.

Members are appointed to four-year staggered terms. The committee elects one of its members to serve as chair for a one-year term. Committee meetings are held quarterly or as frequently as needed.

Committee Members as of October 2013

Frank Webbe, Ph.D. - Chairperson
150 W. University Boulevard,
Melbourne, FL 32901,
Phone: 321-674-8086

Christine Powers - Committee Chair
12417 Clock Tower Parkway
Hudson, FL 34667
Phone: 727-863-6868
Fax: 727-869-7057

Todd Golde, M.D., PhD - Director
1275 Center Drive, #BMS J-485
Gainsville, FL 32610
Phone: 352-273-9456
Fax: 352-294-5060

Martha Purdy, MSW, LCSW
1506 Lake Highland Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-843-1910 (ext 308)
Fax: 407-381-4155

Beth Boyer Kollas, PhD.
1414 Kuhl Avenue MP 71
Thorsen Building, 3rd Floor, #B
Orlando, Florida 32806
Phone: 407-841-4729
Fax: 407-237-6328

David Morgan, PhD.
4001 East Fletcher Avenue, MDC 36
Tampa, Florida 33613
Phone: 813-974-3649

Peggy Connelly - Advocate, Caregiver
3205 Astor Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Phone: 727-644-6314

Dr. Leilani Doty, PhD
Neurology, Box 100236,
McKnight Brain Institute
Gainesville, Florida 32610-0236
Phone: 352-273-5550
Fax: 353-273-5575

Jamie Glavich - Administrator, Caregiver
9664 Hood Road
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Phone: 904-292-9600
Fax: 904-292-0956

William Wertman
301 East Tharpe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone: 850-386-2778
Fax: 850-386-2776

Role of the Committee

In accordance with Section 430.501(2), Florida Statutes, there is created an Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee, composed of 10 members to be selected by the Governor, which shall advise the Department of Elderly Affairs in the performance of its duties under this act. All members must be residents of the state. The committee shall advise the Department regarding legislative, programmatic, and administrative matters that relate to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

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