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Adult Care Food Program (ACFP)

This U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded program provides meal reimbursements to adult day care centers. ACFP is a component of USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.

The goal of this program is to support the provision of nutritious meals and/or snacks served to community-based adults attending adult day care centers. The nutritious meals will support and possibly improve their nutritional status, enabling them to prolong living in their own community.

Centers eligible to participate in ACFP include private non-profit and certain for-profit centers, as well as some publicly funded centers. To be eligible, for-profit centers ensure that at least 25 percent of their participants receive Title XIX funding. All centers must provide services to adults age 60 or older, or to adults age 18 or older with a functional disability. Centers must provide structured, comprehensive services for more than four hours per day but less than 24 hours per day. Adult day care and adult psychosocial centers, and some in-facility respite centers, are eligible to participate. The Department determines each center’s eligibility for ACFP participation.

ACFP will reimburse up to three meals per day, as long as one of those meals is a snack. For example, a center can seek reimbursement for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Meals and snacks must follow USDA meal pattern.

Participating Adult Care Food Program providers receive cash reimbursement for meals or snacks provided under the program. Reimbursement is based on the number of their enrolled participants who qualify for free or reduced-price meals, according to USDA income eligibility guidelines. For current reimbursement rates, click here.

To find out how your center can participate in this program: Call 850-414-2000.  

Adult Care Food Program Forms:

Click on the name of the forms listed below to view or download the forms.

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