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The 701 Assessment Instruments Comprehensive Online Training - FAQ

Q: What is the link to the training?
A: http://doea.fcpr.fsu.edu/login/index.php
Q: What is the enrollment key? 
A: The enrollment key is: DOEA
Q: What should I do if I am having technical difficulties with the online training?
A: Some organizations may have a firewall security that limits access to the training site. If you have difficulty accessing the training site or do not receive a registration confirmation email within 24 hours, contact your network administrator. For other issues, email the TrainingAdministrator@elderaffairs.org as listed on the training site, Notice of Instruction (NOI), and Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) homepage. The Department has worked out a system for troubleshooting through this account.
Q: I have not received an email to confirm my registration.
A: The email sent from the course website may be in your SPAM or junk email folder or may have been blocked by your employer's firewall.
Q: I sent the link to the 701B Training to an email account that I now cannot access.  Can you please send me a new link to another email address?
A: If a user makes a mistake while entering their email address during the registration process, there are two solutions depending on how much time has passed since the user’s first registration attempt:
  • ►If you re- register within 24 hours of your first registration attempt, you will simply have to select a new user ID as the one you previously submitted will not be available.
  • ►If you wait until after 24 hours have passed since your first registration attempt, you will be able to re-register with your originally selected user ID.
Q: I made an error when registering.  I did not list my surname exactly the way I want it to appear on the certificate.  How can I fix this and reprint the certificate with my corrected last name?
A: Please send an email to TrainingAdministrator@elderaffairs.org and detail the exact way you wish your name to appear on the certificate.  We will correct it, send you a PDF of the certificate, and make the change in the system. 
  • ► Name fields are locked from further editing; however, if you want to change a field that is not locked, log in and select:   Home  ► My profile  ► View profile
  • ► From the options on the right side of the screen, select:  Settings ► My profile settings ► Edit profile
  • ► Then you will locate any fields you previously populated incorrectly and make the necessary changes.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Update Profile" when you are finished.
Q: I am logged in, but I cannot find the training.
A: After you have successfully enrolled in the course, you will see a welcome letter from DOEA Secretary Sam Verghese on the course homepage. Below that letter, you will click the link to begin the course, entitled: Department of Elder Affairs 701B Comprehensive Online Training. Once in the training course itself, you will see the course reference library and all 16 of the course modules. Begin with Module 1 “Course Overview.”
Q: I just logged in and received a website error message.
A: The site may need to be taken offline after hours or on weekends for maintenance. This will not be a regular occurrence, and it will usually be functional again by opening of business the next day.
Q: I completed a module, but it does not appear to be “checked” on the home page.

Try refreshing the screen upon completion of each individual module.  The green check box indicating module completion should appear once you have completed a module and the home screen is refreshed.

Q: I have tried to watch this module at least 3 times and it is still not showing with a check box that it is completed. What can I do?
A: Be sure you watched every slide in the module. The system is designed to not allow you to proceed until all of the items in the preceding module have been viewed and completed. Make sure each item in the menu on the left side of the screen in the module has changed from black to grey. If you cannot use the “next” button in the scroll bar to proceed to a slide, you may need to click on an interactive button within the module content screen to proceed.
Q: The system did not allow me to click on an answer to a "knowledge check" button.  My screen froze and will not unfreeze.  
A: Some users report difficulty when using older versions of Internet Explorer and AOL when attempting to complete the interactive aspects of the training. You may try logging out of your current session and re-logging in using another browser (i.e., Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) or updating your version of Internet Explorer.  We have found that using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view the training results in the least amount of navigational issues for participants.
Q: I was only able to get halfway through the module and the screen suddenly froze.
A: Perhaps there is a network issue on your end. If you generally work on a slower network, you may try accessing the course at off-peak hours.
Q: I passed the test with a 90% score, but I would like to go back in to review the questions that I missed. They were there when I first completed the exam, but when I logged back in, I cannot find them.  Is there a way I can go back now to review them?
A: Unfortunately there is not.  A participant has the opportunity to review any exam questions immediately upon completing the exam, but this option is no longer available after navigating away from the page.  
Q: Where do I turn on the Closed Captioning? I would rather have the sound off and just read the subtitles.
A: Unfortunately, there are no subtitles available for the course. You must hear the narrator to receive the information.
Q: Is it possible to download the entire training presentation to view off-line?
A: Unfortunately it is not; however, you can log back in at any time and visit any module, any resource, and any document posted.
Q: Will copies of the new assessment forms be posted on the website?
A: Currently, the final drafts of each document can be found on the DOEA Publications page below the current forms. (NOTE: the current forms are still to be used until the new forms take effect, beginning July 16, 2013.) Upon formal adoption by the Florida Department of State, the amended 701A, 701B, 701C, and 701S forms, as well as the corresponding 701D instructions, will be located on the DOEA publications page at:  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/publications.php#assessments
Q: Will the 701B Training certification still cover certification for all other assessment types?
A: Yes. Because the 701B is the comprehensive assessment instrument on which all other assessment and screening forms are based, certification in the 701B Training will cover certification for all other forms. 
Q: Will similar Notices come later regarding similar training requirements for the 701A, 701C, and 701S? 
A: Regarding required training for the other forms, the Department has issued instructions addressing certification as outlined below.  For guidance, see Notice of Instruction #061413-1-I-SWCBS and the attachments at the following link:  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/nois.php.  Be advised that Chapter 2 in the Programs and Services Handbook is being updated to reflect the uses for all of the forms.
  • ►Congregate meal site staff members who administer the 701C will not complete the web-based training. Rather, staff will be trained before July 16, 2013, by viewing the PowerPoint presentation entitled, “701C Congregate Meals Assessment,” which highlights the changes of the new assessment.  This presentation can be found on the website with NOI#061413-1-I-SWCBS.
  • ►Provider staff members who administer the 701A, as well as ADRC staff members who administer the 701S, will be required to complete 701B Comprehensive Assessment Form training and certification no later than October 31, 2013. In the interim, provider and ADRC staff must be trained before July 16, 2013, by viewing the PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Your Inside Look at the Priority Score and Rank Criteria on the DOEA Screening (701S), Condensed Assessment (701A) and Comprehensive Assessment (701B) Forms,” which highlights the changes of the new assessment related to the priority score and rank criteria. This presentation can be found on the website with NOI#061413-1-I-SWCBS.
Q: I’m seeking clarification with the following statement made by DOEA “Beginning on July 16, 2013, only the revised 701B form will be accepted by CARES.”  What happens with those 701Bs completed using the old form prior to July 16th, but based on their LOC, we do not submit them to CARES until after July 16th? Will DOEA accept it based on the fact that it was completed before July 16th?
A: Yes, there will be a question at the entry point in CIRTS allowing staff to enter an original assessment completed prior to July 16th but received after that date as follows:
  assessment Form Selection Image
Q: Are aging network staff required to schedule trainings twice a year for other areas, i.e. Care Planning, Abuse Education, Aging Network Overview, CIRTS, etc.?
A: The 2013 Programs and Services Handbook update addresses pre-service and in-service training requirements.
Q: Is there a requirement for Care Plan Certification?
A: Yes. Care Plan training and certification requirements have not changed as a result of the new screening and assessment forms.  The care plan forms and instructions remain the same and AAAs will continue to provide the training and administer the post training test for Care Plan certification.  The training must be offered at least quarterly for new case managers and case aides.   Case managers and case aides must score at least 80% on the post training test.  New employees who have not been certified, or who have not passed the examination for the care plan certification shall have care plans approved by the review and signature of a certified case manager.
Q: What training is required for staff that enters EHEAP information into CIRTS?
A: Guidance on completing EHEAP applications and CIRTS data entry will be issued by the Department in the near future.  There are no assessment training requirements for persons assisting with EHEAP applications. 
Q: Is the new 701B to be completed for C2 clients in its entirety? Previously, only the OAA (O) items were required.
A: Clients receiving OAA registered services will now be assessed with the 701A Condensed Assessment. Be advised that Chapter 2 in the Programs and Services Handbook is being updated to reflect the uses for all of the forms.