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The 701 Assessment Instruments Comprehensive Online Training

To facilitate implementation of these new tools, the Department has produced a web-based training curriculum for assessors and case managers who conduct comprehensive assessments. Before administering the new 701B, assessors and case managers must complete the online training and retain a certificate to demonstrate they successfully passed the final examination.  For further guidance, see Notice of Instruction #061413-1-I-SWCBS and its attachments at the following link:  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/nois.php. (Please note: Congregate Meal Site providers are not required to complete comprehensive training. The Department has developed a separate document that can be accessed through the website in the notice of instruction link.)

To register for this training, go to:  http://doea.fcpr.fsu.edu/login/index.php

Registration Screen

On the right side, under the heading: "Is this your first time here?," click the "Create New Account" button to enter your registration information. Once you register, you will need to confirm your e-mail address and provide an enrollment key to access the course. When prompted, use the following enrollment key: DOEA

After you have successfully enrolled in the course, you will see a welcome letter from Secretary Prudom on the course homepage. Below that letter, you will access the link to begin the course, entitled: "Department of Elder Affairs 701B Comprehensive Online Training.  " Once in the training course itself, you will see the course reference library and all 16 of the course modules.

To begin, select the first brown icon, entitled "Mod 1: General Overview," and it will open a new window for viewing the various modules. You will only be allowed to move on to the next module after you complete the preceding one; so follow each in sequential order.

Mod 1 Screen Shot

TECHNICAL NOTES: You must be able to access the audio information in the training modules. If your computer does not have speakers or a sound card, then you will need to arrange to view these modules on a machine that offers sound. Additionally, some organizations may have firewall security that limits access to the training site. If you have difficulty accessing the training site or do not receive a registration confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, contact your network administrator. If you have other registration problems, or questions about the training, please contact the trainingadministrator@elderaffairs.org for assistance.