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Communities for a Lifetime
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- Learn what you and your business can do to make an impact on your Community for a Lifetime.

By the year 2030, more than one-third of Florida’s residents will be age 60 and older. That’s roughly 10 million people. What does this mean to your business, now and in the future? Today, older Floridians seek a more active lifestyle – they are living longer, working longer and spending more money than ever before. It seems natural that Florida businesses should be an integral partner in local planning efforts in order to adapt policies, practices and facilities to accommodate this growing market.

The Department of Elder Affairs’ Communities for a Lifetime initiative, in partnership with AARP Livable Communities, has embarked on a new business strategy to help local communities connect with their businesses through collaborative efforts that benefit the aging community, a well as the businesses’ bottom line.

Communities for a Lifetime’s objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Putting job seekers age 50 and older in contact with businesses and organizations that declare themselves “older-worker friendly” and that offer jobs or volunteer positions with preference for older workers;
  • Helping businesses, employers and volunteer organizations find qualified and experienced staff;
  • Removing the barriers that foster separation of businesses, social services and the young and the old;
  • Making it easy for employers to register as “older-worker friendly;” and
  • Providing links to other websites and resources that assist older adults who are seeking paid and non-paid work.

Learn more about the Communities for a Lifetime Business initiative, along with what you and your business can do to make an impact:

- Know your ABCs (Assets, Benefits, and Change).

For more information on AARP Livable Communities, visit

Contact Janine Harris, Communities for a Lifetime, Director of Volunteer and Community Services at
850-414-2373 or to find out how you can become a community partner.

Last updated: 05/20/2010
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